Polenta cookers made of stainless steel to quickly and easily prepare sauces and polenta up to 150 kg. The electric polenta cooking machines can be easily disassembled  to allow a quick and easy cleaning, the mixing machines for polenta are made with approved and safe materials, the polenta cooker was created for truckfoods, restaurants, fast foods, take away, canteens and community, or to anyone who wants to expand their proposals without effort. Each polenta cooking machine is equipped with a practical distributor and can be used with any type of flour to always create different alternatives, the use of this machine does not alter in any way the final result, it's as good as the one handmade but it's actually made in a more practical and fast way. Browse our online catalogue of polenta cookers completely made of stainless steel and easy to disassemble to facilitate cleaning, all our products are manufactured in compliance with current CE regulations on safety and hygiene as a garantee of high quality.