The cutlery dryer-polishers are designed to speed up the drying work of stainless steel and silver cutlery, quickly remove limestone stains and give shine over the entire surface of the cutlery. Professional cutlery dryers are perfect for hotels, luxury restaurants, airlines, catering companies and all those activities that require extensive use of cutlery. Looking for a way to optimize the drying work of the cutlery after washing? Using a cutlery drying machine will help you maintain the right level of hygiene in your room. The drying and polishing of the cutlery is carried out through the vibration of the interanl tank certified for food use and coated with a particular shock resistant resin, in addition is used the rubbing of corn granulate powder (cob), completely vegetable and non-toxic product treated with special antibacterial agents. The professional cutlery dryer-polishers are made to quickly dry and polish wet cutlery that just came out of the dishwasher, cutlery will come out in less than a minute perfectly dry and shiny, without limescale stains, thus avoiding the long and slow manual polishing.

Cutlery dryers for sale online

The cutlery dryers are available in models that can be positioned on the floor or over the counter and will allow you to obtain optimal results without the least effort with all kinds of silver or stainless steel cutlery. Why dry the cutlery manually one by one when you can use the practical cutlery dryers? On our online store you can find a whole category dedicated to the sale of floor or over-the-counter machines to obtain perfectly polished and sanitized cutlery without unsightly limestone stains. The cutlery dryer is a practical professional appliance that serves to have cutlery always well polished and shiny, ideal for restaurants, canteens, hotels and pizzerias.