Which professional pizza oven to choose?

Every pizza oven is for sale on our online store at the best quality/price ratio and meets every need. Each pizza oven has the CE mark as guarantee of efficiency and quality, among the Ristosubito pizza ovens you can find a wide range of models of different sizes and capacities. You will find an entire section dedicated to pizza ovens equipped with thermostats for independent temperature regulation to have a greater uniformity of heat inside the cooking chamber. Some models of Fimar pizza ovens are digital so they also offer the possibility to program the power on, the power off and some settings for processing. With the pizza oven not only you can prepare tasy pizzas, but also bread, pastries and many other baked goods, it's available in various shapes and sizes, it can be wood-burning, gas or electric. Pizza ovens available with or without wheels. For the correct choice just follow some criteria, among the most important are the power and temperature. The power is important because a pizza requires two to five minutes maximum of cooking, and the temperature of the outer walls must be reduced with a limited heat dispersion.

What features should a professional pizza oven have?

A professional pizza oven must have some features such as:

  • Footprint, the available space is often one of the main problems. The modern electric pizza ovens solve this problem by perfectly mixing small sizes and optimal performances.
  • Coating and innovative technology, the best Gas pizza ovens must offer excellent performance, contained consumption and last long. For this reason they must be made with top quality materials and advanced technology.
  • Simple installation and mobility, i.e. being able to easily move the professional pizza oven from one environment to another. This latter characteristic makes this type of oven extremely versatile and usable both inside and outside.
  • Reduced consumption, to maintain low consumption necessary to feed your pizza oven and make ends meet .
  • Elegant design, especially if the kitchen is exposed the professional pizza oven becomes a real piece of furniture.

What are the best pizza ovens?

The best pizza ovens must be light and offer high performance while maintaining reduced consumption, also the design better if refined and innovative. The best pizza oven doesn't exist, every activity has its own needs. Ristosubito offers a wide range of professional solutions to meet all needs ensuring perfect cooking, reduced consumption and an attractive design, come discover the best pizza oven for sale at highly advantageous prices.

What are the best wood-burning ovens?

The taste of pizza cooked in a wood oven is different from the one cooked with a gas or electric oven, The wood-burning oven is the pizza oven par excellence, however it requires good knowledge on flame management to achieve optimal cooking. The shape of the best wood-burning ovens is circular or oval, to maintain optimal air flow inside the oven and to have a perfect cooking in every point. The wood-burning pizza oven is substantially formed by:

  • VAULT: i.e. a dome built with refractory material that is used to reach very high temperatures and to maintain heat.
  • ACCESS DOOR: always open to control the cooking of the pizza and in case you need to add wood to keep the temperature high.
  • HOOD: to prevent the surrounding environment from being filled with fumes.
  • THERMOMETER: to control the temperature oven.
  • COOKING SURFACE: where pizzas are placed to cook them. The wood-burning pizza oven must be made of refractory material and has to be highly durable.

How much does a wood-burning oven consume?

The professional wood-burning pizza oven is the absolute one with the lowest consumption: the only cost to consider is the one of wood. The price of latter varies depending on its type, quality and of course, from the supplier to which you turn to.

Why choose electric pizza ovens

The electric pizza ovens are designed to be used inside, usually made of refractory stone with a structure entirely in stainless steel, a very resistant material as well as hygienic as easy to clean. The electric pizza oven is ideal for pizzerias, restaurants, pastry shops and professional kitchens. The electric pizza oven ensures full control of the pizza cooking, is easy to handle and suitable for the preparation of large quantities of products. The electric pizza oven can also be used for the preparation of many other dishes. The electric pizza oven with digital panel available on Ristosubito meet all needs, each professional electric pizza oven has the CE mark as guarantee of efficiency and reliability. Choose your pizza oven among the best offers and take advantage of the extraordinary online deals.

Features and advantages of the professional electric pizza oven

The new generation pizza ovens are among the most recommended for professionals in this industry: these are automated electric ovens, easy to use and able to guarantee excellent cooking performance at low energy consumption. Cooking with electric pizza ovens is consistent, you can modulate the cooking by setting different temperatures between the base of the oven and the kiln, for an even more precise cooking they allow you to set different cooking programs according to the product (bread, pizza, focaccia, pastries, etc). The electric pizza ovens with mechanical control panel are easy to handle especially when compared to wood-burning ovens.

How much does an electric pizza oven consume?

The average consumption for a 4-pizza oven is between 4.6 kW and 6 kW. Compared to the traditional wood-burning oven, modular electric ovens and tunnel ovens allow you to simultaneously bake several pizzas: in this way you can save in terms of electricity consumption. Of course an electric pizza oven class A will consume less than a class B one.

How much does and electric pizza oven cost?

The price of a pizza oven vary according to the quality of the materials, the brand, the size, the design, the functions and the technologies it's equipped with.

Professional gas pizza ovens: features and advantages

Using a gas pizza oven means you can manage even the highest temperatures in a simple way by spending little. Among the advantages of gas ovens for pizzerias:

  • Turn the oven on and off with a simple switch;
  • Possibility to adjust the heat;
  • Since the gas (LPG or methane) feeds the combustion, not the wood, the flue remains considerably cleaner thanks to the absence of soot;
  • Low consumption, it requires little methane or LPG to power a professional oven
  • The cooking is similar to that of a wood-burning oven, even more consistent.

The practicality of gas pizza ovens comes not only from the management during the preparation of pizzas, but also concerns the maintenance and cleaning of the cooking chamber, the exhaust of the fumes and the whole "structure". The combustion generates residues and stains that are easily washable, unlike the black of the soot of the wood. There is also no ash residue to remove.

How much does the gas pizza oven consume?

A professional gas pizza oven saves on electricity consumption. The costs are linked exclusively to the cost per cubic meter of gas.

How does the tunnel oven work?

Tunnel ovens combine high performance standards with low consumption. In addition, thanks to the customizable cooking programs are perfect for those who want to boost their production. Tunnel ovens can be gas or electric, in any case they can evenly cook pizzas and other products. Thanks to the conveyor belt made of refractory material and the independent resistances between the kiln and the stalls, you can have excellent results and uniformity of cooking always maintaining reduced consumption. Cooking with tunnel ovens is programmable and the operator can also adjust temperature and time, all these features make professional tunnel ovens widely used. There are different types on the market, which according to the characteristics and performance offered can adapt to any type of production.

What is the rotary pizza oven?

Rotary or swivel pizza oven is a rotating oven. Available in different types of combustion and various sizes, what distinguishes it is its mobility. The rotary oven, in fact, has a slightly raised floor compared to the base capable of rotating according to the indications set by the pizza maker about speed and direction of rotation. In this way the pizza maker has the ability to maintain control of the cooking and ensure a uniform cooking for all the baked pizzas. By being able to increase or slow the rotation speed of the top you can determine the cooking of the dough by defining the amount and time of exposure to heat of the pizzas. By rotating, the pizzas in the oven will be subject to the same heat conditions and will al be baked with the same cooking. With the fixed oven is constantly required work by the pizza maker who must carefully check that each pizza is cooked to perfection. Automating the process results in a saving of resources, which can be reduced or used in other ways, and an improvement in the quality of work.

Is a ventilated or static pizza oven preferable for baking pizza?

For a correct answer it's first necessary to analyze the main differences between these two types of cooking. The difference between static and ventilated oven consists in the heat distribution mode. In the static oven the heat is spread by a resistance which is usually placed in the upper or lower part of the oven. By cooking food in this way the cooking is more delicate and takes place more slowly and evenly. With the static oven the food is well cooked and dry both inside and outside, in the static oven you can cook only one dish at a time. The ventilated oven works by convention, i.e. thanks to a fan that creates a flow of hot air, this cooking method creates a crisp crust on food while the inside remains soft and moist. Unlike the static oven, with the ventilated pizza oven we can bake several dishes simultaneously.

How long should pizza be baked in the oven?

In the professional wood-burning or gas oven the pizza takes 2 to 5 minutes to bake, a classic electric oven takes instead about 15 to 25 minutes. Pizza is considered ready when the edges begin to caramelize showing the typical golden appearance. A wood-burning oven at the right temperature cooks a pizza in less than a minute, about 45 seconds, but the pizza must be rotated constantly because on the side of the flames it can quickly darkens.

How many degrees to bake a pizza?

Usually the best temperatures for a perfect oven pizza cooking range from 300 to 350 degrees for electric or gas oven, and around 450°C for the wood-burning oven. With the classic gas kitchen ovens that do not exceed the maximum temperature of 250°C, it's recommended to use techniques such as those previously mentioned.

How to remove grease stains from the oven?

Cleaning the oven is not an indispensable operation, the operation becomes less heavy if you know how to proceed, perhaps putting into practice some solutions to degrease and clean. Here, then, some tips for cleaning the oven:

  • Regularly clean the oven every time you use it, to avoid the build-up of scale and the excessive formation of dirt that then requiresa greater effort to be eliminated.
  • If there is a cleaning function, once the work is finished, simply insert water into the cavity at the bottom of the oven and turn it on following the instructions. It will help to avoid fouling and odor formation.
  • Equip yourself with suitable tools to clean the oven such as sponges for scaling, spatulas to reach all corners and cavities, microfiber cloths for rinsing and for the glass door of the oven. As for detergents, you can use the specific ones on the market or alternatively natural products such as baking sodato clean the oven without using chemicals.

What is the difference between a professional pizza oven a domestic pizza oven?

The difference between a professional pizza oven and a domestic one is in voltage, consumption and performance. The domestic pizza oven generally consumes 220V, the maximum size and temperatures are reduced compared to 450°C of the professional electric pizza oven and 420°C for professional gas pizza oven. At home you can also use the traditional ventilated oven, the results of course will never be equal to those obtained with a professional pizza oven.