In the last few years also in Italy is depopulating one of the typical sweets of Belgium and the Netherlands, we're talking about waffles, these desserts are composed of a sweet crispy wafer on the outside and soft inside that is baked on hot waffle makers that also give the characteristic grating appearance. Do you want to offer your customers warm waffles covered with delicious chocolate or other variants? To do this you need to get a waffle maker and you'll get delicious waffles in a few simple steps. The waffle makers are composed of a double plate, you just need to pour the mixture into the mold and close the two hot plates allowing the waffle to cook, on our catalogue is available a wide range of choice of waffle makers to be selected according to your needs on sale at the best quality/price ratio. Do you want to buy the best waffle maker at the most affordable price? Browse the dedicated area and you will find the waffle maker of your interest always at the lowest price, without neglecting the quality of the product that guarantees excellent performance and long life.

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Waffle makers to prepare tasty sweet or savory waffles. The waffle maker is perfect for preparing delicious breakfasts or snacks, browse our complete catalogue of waffle makers and choose the model that best suits your needs. Using a waffle maker is very simple, just mix the batter made of eggs, butter, flour and sugar and pour it into the special equipment that will give the typical "grated" shape of waffles, in a few moments the waffle will be ready. Some models of waffle makers have more functions thant others, for example it may include the timer, on and off lights or even indicators to reach the optimal temperature for cooking as well as the regulation of the heat's intensity. With a waffle maker the best breakfast will be ready in just 2 minutes, the waffle maker is an innovative appliance, easy to clean and always ready to use. Waffles or gaufres are delicious snacks from Belgium and the Netherlands whose consumption has also spread in our country. It's a wafer that can be sweet or salty, crispy on the oustide and soft on the inside, cooked on double hot plates that give it the characteristic appearance with a grating surface. Available on round, square, single or double waffle makers. The professional waffle makers are suitable for bars, cafe and ice cream shops, they're made of cast iron, a material that can maintain the temperature and stainless steel structure.