There's nothing more refreshing than enjoying a delicious slush, to make it you just need to have a few ingredients and one of our professional slush machines on sale on our store. In our online store you can find a wide range of slush machines made according to current CE standards, you can choose between different models based on tank capacity, number of tanks and design. All our sorbet machines are easy to clean and equipped with thermostats and automatic defrosting regulators, taps are easy to use and include drip trays. Ice cream shops, pastry shops, bars and restaurants can't give up this appliance, with the sorbet machine you can also make delicious cold creams.

Slush machines for bars and professional catering

The consumption of creams, sorbets and slushes represent a segment of the food distribution sector among the most profitable of the moment, as a result slush machines are becoming essential equipment for activities such as bars that aim to diversify their offer. The slush machine is perfect for all those activities that want to satisfy their customer, but not only, it's ideal also as a machine for sorbets and cold creams that are becoming more and more a must for the culinary tradition.

Slush machine and more

The slush machine is particularly important for bars and other businesses related to the catering world. In order to prepare an appetizing and fresh slush you have to insert into the basket of the machine juice or freshly squeezed fruit juice, water and sugar. The slush machines are composed of:

  • One or more tanks in which the ingredients are inserted. This tanks is always transparent in order to allow the operator to verify the preparation and at the same time allows the customer to see the final products.
  • Then there are the rotating elements that amalgamate the product.
  • Finally, there's the spout.

A professional slush machine is a versatile equipment in fact you can also use it as a coffee cream machine or even to make sorbets, yogurt and various cold cremes. On the market there are also coffee cream slush machines specific for people intolerant to lactose or for celiac people, these machines ensure that the product inserted inside the tank does not come in contact with other ingredients. Browse the Ristosubito's catalogue of coffee cream slush machines and choose the most suitable model for your needs at the best quality/price ratio.