Microwave ovens are a must in both professional and domestic area. Our professional microwave ovens are guaranteed by high-performance technology and have been made following the current CE standards, are mainly used by bars, restaurants, hotels and professional kitchens usually to heat and cook in a very short time a wide variety of dishes. By browsing the online catalogue you can choose from different microwave offers available with different powers and capacities, microwaves equipped with analogic or digital controls with pre-set functions to facilitate heating and defrosting. Our products are made with robust stainless steel structure and guarantee high performance, choose between different capacities and powers according to your needs, the microwave is used not only in small kitchens but also in award-winning restaurants becuase microwaves allow you to make excellent dishes and not only to heat them up, more and more professional chefs in fact rely on this cooking system that has reached high quality values.

Microwave ovens for sale online

The professional microwave oven is distinguished from the domestic one by size, capacity and power, since they are used for the preparation of a high number of meals, heats food up in a homogeneous and rapid way while maintaining the organoleptic and nutritional properties of food. Usually, microwave ovens also allow a ventilated cooking to avoid obtaining excessively humid or too dry food. Best known by the term "ventilated", this cooking system is the best to prepare meat and fish dishes. Discover all microwaves prices on our eshop, each item is provided with stored recipes that are automatically executed by acting on the function buttons on the control panel.

Microwave ovens with Grill and Crisp function

The Microwave oven has become increasingly popular, this is because the system on which they are based on allows food to reach high temperatures in a very short time. Professional microwave oven has low power consumption, and is also particularly suitable for defrosting and heating food, avoiding the use of electric or gas ovens. The professional microwave oven thanks to its particular operation can accomodate containers suitable for cooking food or heating it without being damaged, also plastic containers avoid the risk of burns. The invention of microwave ovens has facilitated the life of those who have little time to cook, the microwave oven is especially useful to defrost food in a short time directly from the freezer, but it's also useful for heating up dishes. When it comes to cooking with microwave ovens, it's not just about preparing pre-cooked food, the microwave oven can easily replace the electric or gas oven. Usage has increased especially since some models have some additional features like grill to grill food. To microwave ovens with grills has been added an infrared device placed in the upper part of the microwave that can brown the surface of food. In the latest generation of combi microwave ovens the grill function has been combined with the crisp function together with the non-stick material plate. This plate is a specific accessory that collects heat in the central part allowing a uniform cooking of food. Stabilizing at an ideal temperature to avoid burning food, the crisp plate keeps food cooking under constant control. The combined microwave oven guarantees a cooking method similar to the one obtained using a traditional electric or gas oven. Browse the complete online catalogue of combined microwave ovens, you can take advantage of a wide range of offers and buy your combi microwave at the best quality/price ratio. Each combined microwave oven on Ristosubito.com is guaranteed by the CE quality mark.