Glass frosters for sale online to cool and freeze glasses in a few seconds by bringing them to a temperature of -30°C keeping the glass always cool even after a long time, not only that, by using dry ice you can impress your customers with special effects. The instant glass froster freezes and sanitize glasses by knocking down up to 88% of bacteria in seconds, our glass frosters are ideal for professional use, they improve the quality of the drinks and are made entirely of high quality stainless steel.

The instant glass frosters control and manage the delivery of CO2 at high pressure, the treatment almost completely reduces the bacterial charges that often cause the alteration of the drink and eliminates annoying residual odors of the post-wash. All of our glass frosters perform a double function of cooling and sanitizing the glass, the cooling of the glass takes palce in a few seconds switching from the temperature of the dishwasher to the desired temperature without the use of ice that is the main carrier of bacteria. The thermal shock produced by CO2 sanitizes the glasses and this allows you to offer your customers better tasting drinks, free of bad smells and unpleasant retro tastes. Browse our catalogue of glass frosters online, the ideal bar equipment to sterilize glasses and improve the taste of the drinks, not only that, thanks to the design of lights and led screens you can enrich the bar counter of your venue, the glass froster is suitable for all types of glasses and is suitable for bars, restaurants, nightclubs, lounges, afterwork and cocktail bars.