The wurstel cutters are widely used for the preparation of condiments especially in pizzerias, quickly and accurately slice wurstels but can also be used to cut other ingredients such as eggs and tomatoes. Thanks to the wurstel cutter you can obtain sausages into rings by speeding up the preparation time of the ingredients, practical and easy to use, just place the sausages on the blades, completely lower the lid and the sliced product will be collected in the tray below ready for use. The wurstel cutters are made with stainless steel structure and blades that makes this tool for pizzeria and restaurant highly resistant. The steel blades and the lid can be easily removed from the body of the machine in order to safely wash them. Our manual wurstel cutters are designed for professional use for bars and restaurants, are available in a wide range of models all robust and safe, with variable number of blades depending on the chosen model. Professional wurstel cutters are also known as egg cutters, they are used also for slicing hard-boiled eggs.