Sauces dispensers to dispense ketcuhp, mayonnaise, honey, syrups and nutella they adapt to different types of containers. Sauces dispensers can be with pump or dosing system suitable for every type of density and hot or cold temperature, are available different models: sauces dispensers with single, double or triple dispensers. The sauces dispenser is the ideal tool for every chef, designed to dose semi-liquid and non-homogeneous products and ensure an uniform dosage of the sauce. On our online store you will find:

  • Pressure sauces dispensers that allow a maximum delivery of 30 ml;
  • Lever sauces dispensers that allow a maximum delivery of 40 ml;
  • Sauces dispensers with lever operation resistant to high temperatures up to 120°C suitable for hot sauces.

Browse the online catalogue of professional sauces dispensers such as ketchup, mayonnaise, honey, syrups and nutella to dispense in a convenient and practical way and give more taste to dishes such as sandwiches and french fries. The sauces dispenser is a useful tool tool for chefs and customers to accurately add sauces without waste. Professional sauces dispensers are ideal for serving both cold and hot sauces such as melted chocolate, they're tools designed specifically for bars, sandwich shops, restaurants and catering activities.