Stainless steel hand washers are suitable for public spaces, restaurants, hospitals, laboratories and in all those commercial activities that require a high level of hygiene, hand washers are essential to ensure maximum hygiene in industrial kitchens and bathrooms reserved for staff because they are equipped with pedal or knee controls. Stainless steel also makes hand washer perfect from a health perspective, browse the online catalogue and discover all our products for sale at the best quality/price ratio. The small hand washer is fundamental for your professional activity, whether it is a pub, a bar or a restaurant, on our online shop you can find practical and functional hand washers that can be positioned in every corner of your room, even small hand washers, you can also choose between models equipped with taps, or hand washers both hanging and wall ones equipped with storage cabinets where you can store soaps and other consumables and facilitate cleaning operations.

Enter our online store and discover our wide range of proposals, you wil find for sale online:

  • Hand washers for restaurants: essential to mantain proper cleanliness and hygiene as required by current HACCP regulations, equipped with knee controls and cabinets in the lower compartment for rags, detergents and everything you need for proper cleaning ;
  • Hand washers for bars: small sizes to be placed in small spaces;
  • Hand washers for pizzerias: available in bot column and hanging version, they have knee controls to avoid contaminating the sink with dirty hands.

The HACCP hygienic and sanitary regulations require hand washers made of stainless steel for communities, hospitals, health clinics, public premises and food processing laboratories such as restaurants, pizzerias and industries. On our online store you can buy various models of stainless steel hand washers with different functions and sizes to meet every need.