The rice cookers are used for the preparation of rice and cereal dishes useful because it makes its cooking faster, especially recommended for the preparation of oriental menus. The professional rice cookers are made of stainless steel while the inner container is non-stick and heat resistant, suitable also for keeping the prepared dishes warm, rice cookers is especially required for hot buffets, restaurants with eastern menus, pubs, self-service and canteens. The electric rice cooker is also known as rice kettle and it's an essential tool to obtain perfectly cooked rice, particularly in kitchens where large quantities of rice must be prepared quickly, it also minimizes the risk of burns or rice unevenly cooked, enter our online shop and take advantage of our advantageous prices to buy professional rice cookers directly from home.

The professional rice cooker is a tool that helps us in the preparation of several dishes simultaneously, in restaurant kitchens the problem is bigger because the portions to prepare increase. The professional rice cooker lightens the workloads and allows you to engage in other tasks, browse our complete online catalogue and finally you can get the rice cooked in an optimal way managing to keep the organoleptic properties unchanged. Rice cookers are best suited for restaurants where rice is the main dish such as Japanese, Indian and Thai restaurants. The rice cooker is a tool designed to cook white rice or also known as "oriental" , rice (basmati or thai) cooked simply with water but by its absorption and not by boiling in the liquid, practical and easy to use is always present in the kitchens of school or hospital canteens.

Electric rice cooker: how it works

The electric rice cooker is a small appliance used to make exotic and eastern recipes. The rice cooker is useful both at home and in restaurants and has several advantages, it's not expensive, is extremely versatile and you can let it work while you're busy doing something else. The operation is very simple, just put water and rice until the cooker itself will turn of on its own once its work is finished. In addition, in contrast with its name, it's not only used to cook rice but they're perfect for many other recipes in the kitchen. There are many models on the market, such as the Japanese rice cooker: this model is the simplest and serves to cook sushi rice or as a side dish typical of many Asian cultures. There are also more advanced models, equipped with streamer and risottiera. When the rice cooker is equipped with the risottiera function, it's perfect also to cook risotto. The types of rice cookers are many, the choice depends on the budget but also on the use that has to be made. If you don't like risotto but prefer to cook boiled rice for your curry chicken or for recipes with an exotic flavour, a Japanese rice cooker will be perfect. On the contrary you can buy one with the risottiera function. If you want to use the appliance to also cook other food with steam, opt for a model with steamer.