Professional pans contribute to professional results, on our online catalogue available models made of stainless steel, aluminum or lava stone interiori in different shapes. Non-stick pans are used to ensure excellent results, particularly appreciated by chefs the non-toxic pans, equipped with ergonomic handles suitable for any hob, including induction. One of the main features that a professional pan must have is the grip that guarantees the right success of the recipe, in addition to the material, the type of surface, the diameter and the height of the edges also the handles plays a fundamental role.

The handles of the pans although professional are a very fragile part, you have to make sure that they are always in good condition because they must ensure the safety of the staff that uses them. One of the most important factors is that the handle must not be heavier than the pan, and you also need to evaluate the composition material and make sure that it does not overheat. Chef's pans can also have a removable handle that is useful when storing them in confined spaces, for washing in the dishwasher or baking in the oven. Alternatively, on the market there are pans with folding handle in order to gain space even during cooking. The category of professional pans also includes grills or steak grills, stone ones are particularly recommended because are non-toxic and allow cooking without fat because of its natural anti adhesion.