Centrifuges are becoming increasingly popular bar appliances. Drinking a healthy centrifuge is one of the best habits to start the day well, with the centrifuge you can chop the food separating the juice from the pulp, allowing us to use the two elements separately. Today we are all more and more attentive to physical fitness and it's also for this reason that the consumption of fresh centrifuges grows day by day. Do you always want to know what you're drinking? Then the fruit centrifuge is the appliance for you. With the centrifuge is obtained fresh juice from fruits and vegetables, the juice obtained is known with the name of centrifuged obtained by separating the liquid from the solid part of the food.

Professional centrifuges for food

The centrifuge machines allow you to extract the juice even from fruits that normally can't be squeezed, to do this just insert the ingredients in the space provided, even with the peel, and press the start button. At this point fruits and vegetables are pushed down through a plunger, discover all our online proposals, you can buy the small Easyline centrifuge or other centrifuges at highly competitive prices to obtain always professional results, are also available self-cleaning centrifuges with a thermal probe.

Centrifuges: fresh express juices

The attention towards a healthy diet is increasingly pressing, and until recently entering a bar the healthiest thing you could order was a juice but it's always an industrial product, bottled and treated with preservatives. Today thanks to the centrifuges the variety of healthy products has increased, the professional machines for centrifuges don't restrict the imagination and you can finally satisfy any desire. Thanks to the centrifuge it's possible to process many products beside fresh fruit, including herbs and vegetables, the result is a soft concentrate of vitamins and minerals, with an exceptional taste, and separated from waste. The choice of fresh products to be centrifuged is very wide celery, cucumbers, ginger, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, beets, all leafy vegetables, such as chicory, lettuce, spinach, and of course all fruits rich in liquids. Browse our complete catalogue of centrifuges highly competitive prices, the professional centrifuge must be of good quality to ensure excellent results. Our wide range offers centrifuges in steel and scratch resistant material with powerful motors, powerful enough not to overheat even after prolonged use. The cost of the centrifuge varies depending on the models, of course the centrifuges for professional use are more expensive than domestic ones but this is due to the performance that must necessarily be greater because of the more intensive use. Enter the eshop Ristosubito.com eand immediately check the centrifuge models and prices.