Kenwood is now a leader in the production of planetary mixers, its models are solid and highly performing but are also among the most equipped. On our online shop you can buy all the accessories for Kenwood planetary mixers at the lowest price on the web, there are many models designed to meet all kinds of needs. It's possible to enrich every single planetary mixer by purchasing the most useful accessories from our catalogue, thanks to these additional products you will transform your planetary mixer into a real multifunctional kitchen robot, capable of helping you in all those steps that you had to do by using different tools.

Among the most useful accessories we remind you the whips, indispensable for making different types of preparations, in detail there are:

  • Hook whip for hard dough;
  • Leaf whisk for softer dough;
  • Whisk to prepare sauces and whip.

Kenwood accessories: one for every need

Let's see now the various types of accessories that you can buy directly online to implement the Kenwood planetary mixer and its use:

  • Meat grinder., ideal for preparing meat sauce, burgers, and can have 3 different thicknesses: fine, medium and large.
  • Blender., ideal for sauces and smoothies.
  • Centrifuge, for fruit and vegetable juices.
  • Pasta sheet roller, perfect to roll the dough for lasagna or other types of pasta.
  • Vegetables cutter with discs, to grate, chop and cut.
  • Vegetables cutter / Roller grater, for low speed processing such as chopping, cutting, grating foods such as vegetables, cheese, chocolate and nuts.
  • Juicer, to quickly and safely squeeze oranges.

Kenwood offers solutions for every need, browse the online catalogue and choose what you want at the best quality/price ratio.