The proving cabinets are professional machines that accelerate the leavening time of dough for bakery, keeping them warm. The proofing cell is used by bakeries and pastry shops, the proofing chamber can be adjusted from 30° to 60°C depending on the various needs. Professional proofing cells serve the chemical process that transforms glucose into carbon dioxide and ethyl alcohol. The carbon dioxide produced remains inside the dough imprisoned by the glutinous mesh resulting, therefore, an increase in volume of the mass, on which the success of the final product depends. To obtain a perfect dough Ristosubito provides the best models of proving cabinets for pizzerias, pastry shops and bakeries that can not do without these equipment, thanks to their use you can get soft and honeycomb dough. Inside the proofing cells a protected, thermoregulated and humidified environment is created, optimal for the dough, we can distinguish:

  • Ordinary professional proving cabinets;
  • Professional proving cabinets with humidification; these models, unlike the first one, have in addition a button to generate moisture, as well as a drawer-condensate that can prevent the formation inside.

Temperature, humidity and leavening time are regulated by the professionals of the sector depending on the type of dough that is placed inside the professional proving cabinet. On Ristosubito you can buy only the best professional proving cabinets designed to meet the needs of bakeries, pizzerias, pastry shops, bars and restaurants. Browse the complete catalogue on online proving cabinets, you can buy professional proving cabinets with different characteristics, at the best price of the web.