Browse our online catalogue of egg cookers for hotels, restaurants, fast-foods or canteens, buffets and breakfast rooms, on sale machines for quickly cooking eggs. The electric egg cookers with hot water are composed of a container in which it's poured water and with a heating element, with constant control of water temperature and cooking times. Eggs are placed individually in the boiling water container to be immersed and extracted from the water indenpendently. Professional egg cookers are the best appliance to get in just a few minutes boiled and coque eggs thanks to the ability to select the cooking time.

Egg cookers differ in both technical and structural characteristics. The electric egg cooker is the most sold thanks to the ease of use, you just need to fill the water tank, insert the number of eggs that need to be cooked, close the lid and start the program, in a few minutes you will have perfectly cooked eggs. Electric egg cookers are easy and wuick to clean, the tanks is almost always undetachable while the other components can be easily disassembled to be washed. Also the capacity differ from one model to another; choose in our online catalogue the professional egg cooker that suits your needs, buy now your professional egg cooker to simplify your work in the kitchen. In our online store you can find a wide range of professional egg cookers to perfectly cook eggs thanks to the control of water temperature and cooking time, professional egg cookers are perfect for canteens, fast-foods, restaurants and hotel facilities especially in buffets and breakfast rooms where customers can personally prepare their own egg.