Electric hand dryers are very common accessories in the toilets of hotels, restaurants, bars, pizzerias and all other public places, the electric hand dryer is easy to handle saving us paper with particular attention to the environment for a hygienic drying and elimination of up to 99.99% of bacteria, they're mounted directly on the wall and have different powers and speeds. On our online store you can find electric hand dryers with photocell that activates the ignition and those with button, you can choose from many models of professional hand drying devices with different powers and speeds on sale at the best quality/price ratio.

Electric hand dryers for sale online

Professional electric hand dryers are a must in all public toilets, the models for sale online are innovative, reliable, elegant, hygienic and easy to use, they represent the most practical solution to allow your customers to dry their hands quickly and in total hygiene. Air hand dryers operate through a fan that pushes the air out through a resistor that heats the air jet. Why buy an electric hand dryer? There are several advantages of this bathroom accessory, such as:

  • Stop waste and more respect for the environment, no more unnecessary use of paper that causes the felling of trees and the impoverishment of nature;
  • Maximum hygiene, the electric hand dryer is more hygienic and safe than paper (less bacteriological impact);
  • More order, the bathroom is clean and tidy, no more overflowing bins and yellowed rolls of paper touching the floor;
  • No more clogging caused by paper thrown in the toilet.
  • Energy saving, reduce costs for purchasing paper.

Electric hand dryers are the best alternative to classic paper towels, increasingly widespread for energy efficiency and low operating costs and for minimization in the production of waste inside toilets, usable in different environments are hygienic and eco-sustainable ideal for bathrooms in public places such as bars, restaurants, offices, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, RSA, etc. Visit the category dedicated to air dryers that can be manual with button function, or automatic activated by photocell. Stops the spread of germs becuase bacteria proliferate in the presence of wet or not completely dry hands, filters mounted inside the devices capture 99.9% of bacteria and viruses present in the air of public toilets.

Electric hand dryers: convenience and hygiene in the bathroom

The electric hand dryers are ideal for restaurants, bars and hotels, available in several models, they allow quick and hygienic drying of the hands. The electric hand dryer is perfect for commercial activities but also for private homes, on our online catalogue available electric hand dryers activated by photocells that do not require physical contact with the device compared to the ones activated by pressing the button with the hand or elbow, completely remove water from the hands by quickly and hygienically drying them. Electric hand dryers have a lower ecological impact on the environment due to non-use of paper towels, choose the electric hand dryer suitable for your needs and say goodbye to unsanitary paper towels. The electric hand dryer is most commonly installed in the bathrooms of public places, browse our online catalogue and you will find a wide range of products for sale at the best quality/price ratio. The electric hand dryer is the ideal solution for bars, restaurants and activities with toilets open to the public, great for ensuring the best standards of hygiene. The products in the catalogue are made with high quality materials, resistant and durable.

Where to place the air dryer?

If you're wondering where to place the air dryer, we have to make differentiations. If you're looking for a air dryer for your home or a small office, you can opt for models with normal resistance, on the contrary if you have to install it in a public room with a lot of traffic better buy a more durable air dryer, maybe in stainless steel. Also in this case it will be better to opt for an electric dryer model with photocell. In the digital Ristosubito catalogue you will find electric dryers with photocell on offer, latest generation air dryer models.