To prepare a good ice cream the powdered ice cream preparations are the ideal solution because ensure a soft and creamy ice cream. The powdered ice cream preparations are very easy to use, just add to the preparation fresh ingredients such as whole milk or skimmed, put everything into the ice cream maker and in a few minutes you will have made a creamy and genuine ice cream to add to your cakes, create frozen desserts or ice cream with the addition of wafers, creams, fruit or pieces of cakes. You can choose from the many flavours of powdered ice cream preparations in the category to complete with tasty decorations and icings, the available soft ice cream flavours are: vanilla, lemon, chocolate, strawberry, yogurt and many others. The ingredients that make up the basic mixtures are food preparations that have the function of giving flavour and characterize the individual taste of ice cream, must be added to the basic mixtures, before or after the pasteurisation treatment, variable dosages depending on the intensity of aromatization desired from the finished product.

What are soft ice cream preparations?

Soft ice cream unlike traditional ice cream has a creamier texture and is an innovative alternative ideal for ice cream shops, bars, restaurants and pastry shops that want to offer their customers a different taste experience. The term "soft" is a characteristic that distinguishes this type of ice cream and that is increasingly winning over even Italian customers. It's a type of ice cream already widespread abroad and that in recent years is becoming increasingly popular in our country. Soft ice cream is produced with the use of a specific machine and in addition to being very soft it's also less cold on the palate. For those who own a catering activity and want to offer an innovative ice cream, soft ice cream is the right alternative. Our range of preparations for soft ice cream includes mixtures in different flavours to satisfy all customers, simply add whole milk or water. Soft ice cream preparations are professional products for ice cream shops easy to use. Available in several flavours are perfect for any soft ice cream machine, both countertop and floor based.