The sugar grinder also known as powdered sugar grinder, transforms granulated sugar into powdered sugar in a few second, that's why it's the ideal machine for bars, pastry shops and restaurants. The powdered sugar machine is available in various models with different production capacity and is able to process sugar in different sizes, browse the online catalogue of sugar grinders made entirely of stainless steel in each component and equipped with adjustable hopper for product entry, they're machine designed for pastry shops and confectionery industries with high production volumes, they're also equipped with a collection tank easy to extract and clean.

With this machine having always large quantities of powdered sugar will be very easy, just put inside the funnel the desired amount of granulated sugar and in a few seconds the collection tank will fill with finely sifted powdered sugar. The products on sale on our online store are practical, made with highly hygienic materials and guarantee maximum yield, each powdere sugar machine will ensure excellent performance in the long term, all the sugar grinders are made in total compliance with the strict EC regulations in force.