The refrigerated counters for sale on our online store offer you the opportunity to have an additional stainless steel worktop thus solving any problems related to space, in a single product you have the versatility of a worktop combined with a table for the storage of food. In addition, some refrigerated counters models are equipped with backsplash, a stainless steel sheet structure that prevents dirt from infiltrating between the equipment and the wall and falling behind the table.

Professional refrigerated counters for sale online

The refrigerated counters are available both in the version with built-in motor (more practical to install and can be easily moved for cleaning operations), and with remote motor. Our refrigerated counters guarantee excellent preservation of food, raw materials, and all food products, preserve the properties of food and provide an additional work surface indispensable to optimize the spaces in the kitchen. All refrigerated counters in our catalogue are efficient and highly performing, available in various sizes and dimensions and can have practical drawers, doors or refrigerated display cases for ingredients. We recommend to install the refrigerated counter distant from heat sources to avoid overloading the motor, remember to clean the machine at least once a week, clean the inside compartment of the refrigerated counter and the motor to remove any dust deposit.