The cup warmers allow you to longer maintain the heat of the drinks served, on our online catalogue different models of cup warmers to select according to your needs. Electric cup warmers are indispensable equipment for all catering activities, to always ensure the optimal temperature of the cups when you need to serve coffee or tea. Enter our online store and you can buy robust high quality stainless steel cup warmers to serve drinks at the right temperature, the cup warmer is useful for bars and restaurants but also for outdoor kiosks that during the cold months must prevent cups from cooling down quickly and consequently also the beverage contained. Cup warmers differ for their capacity and design, are entirely made of stainless steel which allows easy cleaning and maintenance, stainless steel ensures maximum hygiene and is adaptable to any type of furniture.

Why buy an electric cup warmer? Let's start from the fact that a good coffee to be perfect must maintain compactness, temperature and cream colour and to do this you need to serve it in a cup that has the right temperature. Professional cup warmers help keeping cups dry and warm without risking to burn the customer, just place the cups on the cup warmer grill with the mouth upwards, this in order to ensure that the drink is received in the warmest part of the cup and at the same time prevents from burning the client durin the tasting. As for hygiene, the heat will tend not to deposit dust on the cups. Discover all our proposals and buy electric cup warmers at the lowest price on the web.