The Pacojet is the ideal appliance for the preparation of mousse, sorbets, ice cream, sauces, soups and cocktails. With the pacojet you can process any type of food still frozen without risking to alter its organoleptic properties, this machine looks like a blender equipped with a steel glass that, starting from a frozen product, turns it directly into puree, mousse or patè. The pacojet is also able to chop different foods considerably reducing the time of defrosting, also useful for creaming and emulsifying sorbets and ice creams.

Thanks to the ability to decide the dose to be prepared, you will never have to throw away more product and you can prepare both hot and cold dishes. Pacojet creates small footprint thanks to its small size and is very easy to clean, you just need to use a mixture of water and vinegar. Cleaning operations can be of two types:

  • Quick cleaning, made several times a day to clean the used blade, just use the green blade and the steel glass and start the machine for a few minutes;
  • Cleaning at the end of the day, to sanitize and keep the machine always in perfect condition, just use the rotating brushes immersed in water and vinegar or sanitized in the steel glass and start the device for a few minutes.