Our online store offers a wide range of wall-site multidecks to display and at the same time store perishable food with short expiration. The refrigerated wall display is an essential element for activities such as self-service, supermarkets or gastronomy, they're easily cleaned because the glasses are equipped with automatic defrosting and can also be removed and washed with more comfort.

Refrigerated wall displays are also perfect for displaying drinks at autogrills, self-service and supermarkets, browse our online catalogue and you can choose from a variety of models of refrigerated wall displays all efficient and high quality. Refrigerated wall displays for supermarkets contain, store and display beverages and all kinds of perishable food.

Buy on our online store the best refrigerated wall-site multidecks to store and display meat, diary products, soft drinks, cold cuts, fruits and vegetables. Ideal for grocery stores, butchers, supermarkets and self-service, available in different colors or in stainless steel version.

Refrigerate wall-site multidecks for shops for sale on Ristosubito.com

The refrigerated wall displays for shops for food and drinks on sale on Ristosubito.com are designed for all activities that provide self-service service to customers such as bars, butchers, delicatessens and supermarkets. Refrigerated wall displays are ideal for storing and displaying fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy products, cold cuts, bagged cheeses and many other perishable food. Our complete online catalogue offers a wide range of models, choose your refrigerated wall display according to capacity, sizes and materials to set up the walls of your business. With the refrigerated wall display with doors you can display on the shelves packaged products such as salads, cold cuts or packaged cheeses, fresh pasta, dairy products of various kinds, different drinks and other various gastronomic products. The refrigerated wall-site multidecks for shops in the Ristosubito online store are made with stainless steel structure or non-toxic painted metal sheet structure suitable for food. Some models of wall displays are equipped with double hinged or sliding doors, others have an open structure with panoramic glass or blind sides.