The multipurpose cleaning trolleys are needed in hotels, restaurants, bars, hospitals and in all those places where cleaning and hygiene must be frequent. The professional cleaning trolleys allow a practical and fast management of the cleaning service and are structured according to the service needs, the most complete cleaning trolleys have a portion dedicated to washing floors and another to the transport of the necessary equipment, some models are also equipped with specific holders for the garbage bag. Browse the online catalogue and you can find trolleys with a small mop wringer suitable for cleaning small rooms and multipurpose trolleys complete with bag holders and wringer for wider environments. The cleaning trolleys facilitate the work of the cleaning staff and guarantee quality and convenience.

The professional cleaning trolley is an accessory used to always have at hand the objects used to carry out this activity and not carry by hand brooms, buckets, cloths, specific products and everything you need. In our online store we offer a wide range of washing and multipurpose trolleys for professional room cleaning, they can be structured according to needs, suitable for the catering, hotel, hospital and nursing homes, offices and corporate industry. Each combination is designed to optimize the space and allow the operator to always have at hand what you need, inside the trolley there's space for everything and the cleaning tools will always be at hand.