For sale double-arm mixers for soft dough in pastry shops and bakeries. Double-arm mixers are perfect in pastry and bakery workshops for bread and breadstick dough, for confectionery products and of course pizza, a double-arm mixer produces perfect dough, the robust arms work the dough imitating the movement of hands to obtain a perfectly oxygenated dough at a low temperature. The materials used guarantee solidity and durability over time, the structure is made of painted stainless steel with epoxy food paints, also the fixed bowl, the arms and the protective grid are made of stainless steel, arms can be adjusted in height for better versatility, our double-arm mixers for sale online can have a double speed.

Double-arm mixers are indispensable for pastry shops, bakeries and pizzerias, the movements of the arms it's similar to the ancient tradition of manual dough favoring oxygenation and avoiding the heating of the system. The left arm thanks to its "Loop Back" is able to take the dough while the right arm stretches it. Every double-arm mixer in our online catalogue is produced following the current international safety regulations, discover how to finally make wonderful dough for bread, focaccia or desserts such as Easter dove, panettone or pandoro, all those soft dough that need to be oxygenated and gently blended without overheating. The double-arms collect and pull the dough in continuous motion, while the movement from top to bottom allows you to incorporate more air.

Double-arm mixer for soft and oxygenated dough

The double-arm mixer's system puts the flour in the foreground, the main ingredient that is inserted first into the bowl followed by the other ingredients. Water is inserted gradually, while the oil and the remaining ingredients are added when the dough is already wrapped, only at the end is added the salt. Our double-arm mixers are designed to meet all needs, available online in different models with fixed bowl capacity from 50 to 80 kg of dough or with removable bowl with capacity from 120 to 320 kg of dough. The transmission gears immersed in the oil make the most of the power of the engine making the performance more efficient.