Among the service accessories for hotel facilities there are retractable barriers to create particularly well-kept environments, among our retractable barriers for sale online you can find models with ropes or belts available in different colours adaptable to all styles. What are the retractable barriers for? Their main function is to organize customers in tidy queues to prevent them from piling up thus ensuring better and faster service, and allowing respect for privacy. The retractable barriers are useful for bars, ice cream shops, canteens, tickets offices, waiting rooms, public offices, airports, theaters, museums, cinemas, nightclubs, fairs, banks or hotel receptions, in all those places where queues are often created, are demarcation systems that signal routes and areas. Browse our online catalogue of retractable barriers with stury and elegant ropes or belts, you can find a wide selection of retractable barriers for sale at the best quality/price ratio.