Discover our pizzeria furniture, for sale online the refrigerated pizza counters, equipment with double functionality, in addition to keeping fresh the various filling for pizza, they also work as worktops in their upper part. A standard pizza counter consists of a chest of drawers in which to store the dough and compartments to contain the various ingredients, the top is usually made of granite and serves as a countertop on which to prepare, roll out and fill the pizza dough, above the top we can also find the refrigerated pizza display case. On our online store many available models of pizza counters with positive temperature, but before buying keep in mind some features such as:

  • Types of refrigeration: the pizza counters can have static refrigeration (the cold spreads by fall in a natural way) or ventilated refrigeration (the cold is produced by an evaporator diffused inside the cell through a ventilations system, with this refrigeration system it's recommended to always close the food in containers to avoid drying). 
  • Materials: pizza counters can be made of different types of stainless steel, each one is recommended according to the outside or inside use. The tops are usually made of granite, a durable material that does not stain and does not make the dough stick during the preparation of the pizza. On the top of the pizza counter we can finde the refrigerated pizza display cases.
  • Defrost: refrigerated pizza counters need to be periodically defrosted. Defrosting can be automatic or manual and can also be "stop compressor" (the motor stops for a few minutes allowing the ice to melt), “hot gas” (through the passage of hot gas in the pipes) faster and cheaper.
Professional pizza counters

Refrigerated pizza counters: how to choose the best offers a wide range of high-performance refrigerated pizza counters, made of stainless steel and available in various models for every need. The pizza counter is mainly used to roll out the pizza and thanks to the refrigerated display case you will always have at hand all the ingredients needed for the filling. To choose the right pizza counter you must take into account some features, such as:

  • Dimensions: the length of the pizza counter varies depending on the model and the number of doors.
  • Number of doors: on the market you can find pizza counters with 2, 3 or 4 doors.
  • Chest of drawers: some pizza counters are equipped with refrigerated chest of drawers.

Our refrigerated pizza counters are designed to meet every need, made with stainless steel structure and granite worktop, equipped with static or ventilated refrigeration and convenient compartments for storing drinks and food. On Ristosubito you can select the best refrigerated pizza counter to be able to work safely, each pizza counter is made with the best materials all equipped with CE mark.