The wooden service trolleys being more accurate in design are designed for environments with a more accurate style. The wooden trolleys are ideal for dining rooms and for all those situations in which a mobile table top is needed, they're made with high quality materials and the various shades of wood colours allow you to put them in any context. The wooden food trolleys are highly functional, elegant and practical, browse the online catalogue and you can buy wooden trolleys in wenge, walnut, glossy white wood, glossy black wood and many other versions all treated in detail. Available online various models such as the wooden trolley with two shelves and equipped with a convenient cutlery drawer or the wooden kitchen trolley with threes shelves and a plexiglass dome to hygienically protect food. The wooden trolleys are designed for professional catering, perfect for those who need to move portioned dishes and at the same time present them in an elegant way, each wooden food trolley is equipped with swiwel wheels and some models also have the brakes. Professional wooden trolleys facilitate transport and service operations inside the restaurant hall and can have from one to three shelves, opening dome, plate holder and cutlery drawer.