The chocolate melters are ideal tools to prepare tasty chocolates, with these machines in fact you can get the chocolate shiny and crunchy thanks to the right tempering. Melting and keeping the chocolate at the correct temperature is essential to be able to work smoothly and get an excellent final product, our chocolate tempering machines are specifically designed to temper every kind of chocolate, and it's precisely the phase of direct tempering in the cochlea that allows you to have fluid chocolate and therefore a perfect union of of the crystals.

The production of chocolate products requires the use of specific machines, in our eshop you can buy quality machines to work optimally raw materials always keeping up with new technologies. Tempering is a decisive process in the making of chocolate, it allows to maintain a bright appearance, a good density and shine without any surfacing of cocoa butter. During the whole process it's necessary to constantly control the temperature and this is possible thanks to the meltin machines, these machines keep the chocolate at a certain temperature keeping it in constant motion. Browse our catalogue of chocolate melters to keep the melted chocolate at a set temperature ready to be used in different preparations or, as they're very fashionable at the moment, for the creation of delicious and spectacular chocolate fountains.