The professional blenders they all look the same but it's really not like that, before buying one you have to consider several aspects, first of all the use you have to make of it. The blenders are made to specifically meet the needs of bars, restaurants, ice cream shops, etc..., they're born to be used intensively for the preparation of delicious fruit and vegetable smoothies, for creams, milkshakes and much more, for this reason on the market we can also find multi-function blenders, like blenders that can replace other appliances such as juicer, mixer and ice grinder. The blenders for sale on our online store are made only with high quality materials, designed to withstand the wear of time and built according to current CE standards, they're also guaranteed to sanitary standards.

Professional blenders for sale online

Bar blenders are essential elements to optimize the preparation time of drinks and facilitate the activities in the kitchen, on our online catalogue you will find practical and easy to use tabletop blenders for chopping, mixing and emulsifying. You can find models for every need and price range: from the double blender, ergonomic and seamless for easy cleaning, to the model with 5-liter stainless steel glass. The over-the-counter blender is a versatile equipment indispensable for any type of catering business to prepare creams, soups, smoothies or milkshakes. The blenders are essential especially in bars and ice cream shops to prepare refreshing energy drinks or tasty cocktails, they can be with the glass in polycarbonate or stainless steel.

Professional blenders for fast results

The professional blender from offers high performance and also allow preparation in large quantities. On the market you can find blenders for all needs also economic, is an excellent helper in the kitchen. The professional blenders is composed of a motor that rotates in axis to which connect different accessories such as whisks to stir and mix well the food. Depending on the type of accessory mounted the fruit blender, and not only, allows you to whisk, cut, chop, liquefy grind and even knead different ingredients. Browse the complete online catalogue of blender prices and models, made with innovative plastics or stainless steel. Our fruit and vegetable blenders are not only efficient but also beautiful to look at thanks to their design, our catalogue offers various price for blenders to choose from according to your availability.