Both adults and children like hot dogs and the most used machines for their cooking are the hot dog machines. You can bake wurstel and warm bread using a single machine, professional hot dog machines are equipped with a part dedicated to the bread heater, it consists of stainless steel punches and a part with a pirex container dedicated to the cooking of wurstel. Roller hot dog machines are ideal for sandwiches shops, bars, cafes and fast foods, to quickly and evenly cook tasty sausages. Hot dog machines are made entirely of stainless steel structure to ensure the best performance over time. Browse the online catalogue and choose your professional hot dog machine and you can simultaneously prepare wurstel and warm bread, available in different models and sizes to choose according to different needs.

The wurstel machine cooks quickly and evenly hot dogs and sausages without having to manually turn them while acquiring the typical flavour and colour of cooking on the grill. The roller hot dog machine is ideal for sandwiches shops, snack-bars and fast-foods, it allows you to quickly and homogeneously prepare wurstel and sausages, discover our wide range of models of professional hot dog machines, from combined models equipped with punches to warm bread, to 5,7,8 and 9 roller wurstel warmers up to the practical hot dog machines, to quickly prepare tasty snacks.