Safes are essential accessories in a hotel room, available online with both electronic combination and key lock. Every hotel safe guarantees maximum security to guests, choose a model for sale online on our shop to make your customers' stay even safer. The hotel safe is lightweight, is a real safe container also used in private homes as well as residential hotels, residences and B&Bs, this model of safe is indicated to protect documents and goods of medium value.

Safes for hotels and B&Bs are essential in hotel rooms to ensure guests the care of valuables or cash, the safe fits easily inside the cabinets but can also be recessed to te wall. They're available in a wide range of choices, to meet every need: mechanical safes, motorized safes automated  by a high precision electronic control unit with mechanical emergency opening system, safes with key or combination opening. Protecting your guests' belonging is very important and hotel safes are the best professional solution, customers must always feel confident to leave their personal belonging as if they were at home and for this reason we offer a wide variety of hotel safes. Browse our online catalogue of hotel safes for sale at the best quality/price ratio, can be inserted inside cabinets or recesse into the walls of the room.

Safes advantageous prices and models

Hotel safes are indispensable in guest rooms to ensure the safekeeping of valuables or cash. Our catalogue of safes prices offers models made by leading manufacturers of safety systems. Hotel safe are inserted inside the cabinets or built-in the interior walls of the room, are available in a wide range of models to meet every need: mechanical and motorized safes, with key or combination opening. Safes are essential to ensure security and peace for customers, protecting guests' items is important. The guests must feel confident to leave their personal and professional belongings in custody, for this reason is necessary to equip the rooms with safe able to meet the highest safety standards according to current regulations. Every model of hotel safe responds to precise needs, suitable also for private homes. The complete catalogue includes wall safes that can be embedded inside the cabinets, and mobile safes that can be placed always in cabinets or tables. Then there are models that are distinguished by the type of opening, safes with key opening are the simplest and there are several types: douple map with keys and controlled playback, and combination safes ewuipped with a modern opening system with digital keyboard opening. The price of the safe varies depending on the type chosen, but on Ristosubito you will find safes at the best quality/price ratio..