Gastronorm polycarbonate containers are ideal for food use particularly suitable for storing and transporting food. On our online catalogue you can find polycarbonate basins from GN1/1 to GN1/9 in all sizes suitable for the catering industry, also available the black polycarbonate basin for ice cream. Online gastronorm polycarbonate containers suitable for high temperatures able to withstand temperatures from - 40 c° to + 150 c° and usable during all stages of processing. GN polycarbonate containers are funcitional and practical thanks to the transparency they're ideal for storage and the smooth walls facilitate the washing process, in addition the ultra resistan material and their thickness guarantee excellent impact resistance.

A Gastronorm polycarbonate container is what you need to store and always have both hot and cold food on hand, it can also be used as needed in different areas, they're long lasting and can be used intensively on a daily basis, more precisely they are:

  • Easy to clean;
  • They have standard sizes and are combinable;
  • Transparent to immediately recognize the content.

Gastronorm polycarbonate containers comply with European standards for size and choice of materials and are suitable for the preparation, cooking, freezing, exposure storage and transport of food. Essential in every kitchen and very useful as pizza equipment, thanks to their strenght and lightness are highly appreciated by professional chefs in their kitchens. Polycarbonated basins are used in catering, gastronomy and ice cream industries.