The multifunctional kitchen robot is a mixer used in professional kitchen laboratories that allow not only to knead or cut different foods, but also to cook pasta, soups and many other dishes. In our online catalogue you can find professional multifunctional food processors that will allow you to reduce the time of food preparation and will facilitate you in cooking dishes, a wide range of practical, versatile and easy to use machines. The kitchen robot thanks to its multifunctionality is able to grate, chop, grind, pulverize, emulsify, whip, mix, knead and even cook. All this can be possible thanks to the use of a single machine saving not only time but also space in the kitchen, which is particularly important when you have limited space. The cooking robots are equipped with a single processing bowl made of stainless steel, and also have a perforated basket, a spatula, a butterfly mixer, a lid with safety closure and a cap for the addition of ingredients with measuring and scale. Visit our online store and discover our advantageous prices on professional multifunctional kitchen robots, all CE certified in terms of hygiene and safety.