Browse our section dedicated to displays and to refrigerated display cases, all our products are designed to meet the needs of customers who can choose from a wide range of display cases for ice cream shops, pastry shops, bars, butchers and any activity that needs to expose fresh goods without altering theri organoleptic qualities. Many activities related to the catering sector require some precautions related to the preservation and maintenance of food, for this reason refrigerated displays are needed but also heated and neutral display cases.

For activities such as bars, ice cream shops and pastry shops it's very important to attract the attention of customers, that's why the display cases must not only be efficient but also aesthetically pleasing. Each item for sale on our eshop has excellent lighting to highlight the merchandise displayed and are manufactured in compliance with current HACCP regulations.

Display cases for catering

Browse our online catalogue of display cases and discover the best way to arrange your food in orderly manner, you can select the display that best solves the needs of your business. On sale at the best price refrigerated display cases, available also neutral counter displays to exhibit croissants and various bakery products, this kind of display is ideal for breakfast rooms and buffet. If you need to expose food such as sorbets or ice creams refrigerated displays are ideal because they guarantee the correct tasting temperature.

Display case for food and beverage storage

The display case is necessary for the proper storage of foods, but it also helps to furnish the room and increase sales. Display cases are furnishing accessories designed for the professional catering sector and must meet specific needs. First of all, they must ensure compliance with HACCP rules, relating to the guarantee of hygiene and food edibility. Refrigerated display cases are useful in bars, pastry shops, restaurants, bakeries, pubs and pizzerias, in any activity where there's the need to store food and at the same time put them on display for customers. Available on Ristosubito different models of exhibitors for food and drink, suitable for all catering activities to optimally store any type of hot or cold food. Browse the complete catalogue of bar display cases: heated, with more shelves, with internal lighting and thermostatic control, all on sale at the best quality/price ratio.