Among the most used children's accessories in the catering industry are table seats for children to ensure a safe and comfortable seat for small customers. On our online store for sale various models of table seats made of wood or plastic ideal for restaurants, practical and functional solutions to allow parents to enjoy their meal. Browse our online catalogue of accessories for children and you will find a table seat for sale at the best price, a wide range of folding, lightweight, compact and adjustable high chairs. Children's table seats for restaurant can differ in two models, which are:

  • Baby highchairs for restaurant use for kids, thanks to a system of safety straps and fasteners it's placed and locked on a common chair.
  • Highchairs for restaurants useful for older children that aren't big enough to sit at the table.

With both models the child can sit at the restaurant table to eat in a totally comfortable way. It's recommended to buy a highchair that includes the inclination of the backrest so that even a newborn can be in a semi-lying position and share the restaurant table with his parents.