Summer is coming and the desire to consume fresh drinks increases? It's time to buy the ice crusher. The ice crusher for slushes is a professional appliance ideal for the preparation of ice-based drinks, it's very simple to use just prepare the ice in the freezer and then crush it into pieces to add it to the glass. Today, moreover, it's even easier, in addition to the traditional icebreaker you can buy on our eshop also the practical electric ice crusher to significantly reduce the working time, each ice crusher includes an ice scoop and container.

Ice crushers for sale online

The ice crusher simplifies the work, when working in the kitchen practicality is everything and choosing the suitable tool becomes an aspect of primary importance, electric models are faster than manual ones and have a larger capacity than those for domestic use. The most purchased models are the electric ice crushers capable of chopping the ice into consisten shapes and sizes making much less effort, some models are alo able to give the ice the same consistency as the sand. The slush is a must have during summer, and the main ingredient of this famous drinks is ice to which is then added the taste with flavoured syrups. Preparing a delicious and refreshing slush has never been so easy, simply insert the ice cubes in the ice crusher and operate it, once you get the crushed ice just add the syrup and it's done! Our ice crushers are also easy to disassemble to allow a deep cleaning, they are also equipped with dustpan and container to collect ice. In addition tu slushes we can use the ice obtained to make ice cocktails or simply to make a base for raw fish dishes in restaurants.