The heated drop-ins are built-in tanks that maintain the temperature of food while preserving the fragrance of freshly cooked dishes. Heated drop-ins are divided into bain-marie drop-in and drop-in with heated surface which can be made of stainless steel or ceramic-glass all the different models are able to reach high temperatures and are complete with adjustable thermostat, specifically the two different types hot drop-ins are:

  • Drop-in with hot bain-marie tank, it works by heating electric heating elements placed on the bottom of the outside tank;
  • Drop-in with dry hot surface, consisting of a tank with insulation and electrical heating elements with contact.

All hot drop-ins are heated display counters that keep freshly cooked food warm, like pizza, hot dog and much more. On our online catalogue you can choose between different models equipped with different tank sizes adaptable to any exhibition requirement, with or without superstructure. Now you can have freshly cooked foods kept warm and fragrant, our built-in hot tanks are perfect for keeping food at a constant temperature without drying it.