Our ice cream makers are robust and easy to use, also ideal for restaurants and catering, the professional ice cream maker is one of the different ice cream machines that you can find on our online store. Browse our catalogue of professional ice cream makers and you will be able to make a wide range of ice cream flavours using only fresh ingredients, in the professional field the ice cream maker is a very practical auto-refrigerating machine, it allows to produce a large amount of ice cream in a short time. On the market there are also models of professional ice cream storage, usually are small and therefore more suitable for home use.

The professional ice cream makers available in our catalogue are made with the best materials such as stainless steel, the ideal material for professional use because it guarantees excellent durability. Ice cream is a product of high consumption throughout the Italian and foreign territory, a good and nutritious dessert that appeals to children and adult, whether it's simple fans of fresh artisan ice cream or it's professional ice cream makers looking for a machine to make ice cream with optimal performance. Before buying an ice cream maker you need to considure some aspects such as: the power, the capacity of the basket and the ease of extraction, cooling system and container for storage, the most suitable model for professional use it's the self-cooling ice cream machine that connects to the electricity, cools and mixes independently. The main requirement of this model of ice cream maker is it's ability to prepare a large amount of ice cream in the same day.