The neutral countertop displays are what every bar or pastry shops needs to display its sweet and savoury baked goods. Each neutral countertop display is made with a sturdy stainless steel or in elegant plexiglass structure and double glazing, the products stored inside will be visible from all four sides thanks to the LED lights that illuminate the interior. Our neutral displays are ideal for displaying croissants, brioches, pastries and other baked goods perfect for breakfast rooms, bars, pastry shops, restaurants buffets and autogrill. By browsing our online catalogue you can select the neutral countertop display that best meets your aesthetic needs, each display is meticulously designed. The neutral countertop displays represent practical and space-saving solutions that allow to keep the product fragrant for longer, on our online store is available a whole category dedicated to neutral countertop displays made by the best brands in the industry in compliance with the current sanitary regulations imposed by the EC.

Neutral countertop displays for professional catering for sale online

Neutral display: aesthetically pleasing

In a commercial activity products on sale are not the only important thing, also the set-up has its importance. It's often neglected but it plays a key role displaying your goods and encouraging customers to purchase. The right display case must meet the needs of the activity and the category of products offered. The display case must make products shine and emerge and at the same time keep them in perfect condition. Very important are for example for bars the showcases for croissants, a very consumed product, it's important that the croissants display is always clean and allows you to keep products warm in order to satisfy your customers at best. Browse the complete catalogue of Ristosubito croissants displays, on sale a wide range of models to meet the need of each individual buyer. Rely on our professionalism and you will find the display for your business to present and preserve your products.