Bone saws are robust professional equipment with exceptional cutting precision, used in butcher shops, fish shops, restaurants and large supermarkets. The bone bandsaws are very easy to clean thanks to the blade and pulleys that easy to remove and also thanks to the smooth surface and the watertight seal of all electrical parts. The bone saws are made in compliance with the safety standards provided by the Community Directives and ensure total safety of use for the operator. The blade and worktop of butcher's bone saws ensure high cutting precision for cutting fresh, frozen and medium-sized food.

The bone bandsaws for butcher shops facilitate the heaviest operations such as the cutting of frozen meat or bones, are able to make a clean and precise cut. The professional bone saw is equipped with thickness adjustment and cutting height, thanks to the blade guide and the push-button you can have total control of the movements with an accuracy to the millimeter. Electric bone saws for butcher shops are used to cut food products into slices of various sizes (bones, pieces of meat with bones, fish), all the models in our online catalogue are made with top quality materials for sale at the best quality/price ratio. The bone bandsaws are the ideal machines for butcher shops, restaurants, canteens, supermarket meat stalls, to slice slices of meat still frozen, cut hams and chop bones that can be a clutter.

Electric bone saw for cutting fresh and frozen food

Each of our electric bone saws is sold at the best quality/price ratio, both single and three phase models available. Our butcher's bone saws guarantee total safety of use and comply with the strict CE regulations. The bone saw can be used both in butcher and fish shops, but is also used in supermarkets with slaughterhouse area and fresh meat. Thanks to the blade and worktop that offer cutting precision, the bone saw can also be used to cut fresh, frozen and medium-sized food. Browse the complete online catalogue of electric bone saws ideal for butcher shops, fish shops, restaurants, hotels, canteens, meat and fish processing industries, ensure accurate and safe use. The electric bone saw is designed to cut food products in various sizes from a minimum of 1550 mm up to a maximum of 2020 mm. All models of electric bone saws available on are guaranteed by top quality materials, these machines are composed of a cutting blade held in tension, the product that has to be sawn is placed on the appropriate support surface, while the pulleys have the function to guide and stretch the blade. It's very important to always keep the electric bone saw clean by sanitizing it with detergents and products suitable for food use.