Cutting vegetables is one of the most common and simple operations that takes place daily in every kitchen but it also takes a long time,that's why taking advantage of vegetable cutters speeds up the procedure and at the same time make the cut more precise for preparations with a more elegant aesthetic. With the professional vegetable cutters for sale on our online store you can prepare side dishes, salads, vegetable julienne and filling for pizzas, available in various models: manual vegetable cutter more suitable for domestic use, or for the most practical electrical made of stainless steel. Online you can also buy disc kits to vary the size, thickness and shape of the cut of the vegetable, or combined models equipped with a direct fall system perfect for processing delicate dough such as mozzarella and other cheeses. All industrial vegetable cutters for sale on our online store are made of high quality materials and equipped with CE mark, small essential appliances in restaurants, pizzerias and any laboratory where food is prepared. With this equipment you can not only cut but also make special cuts such as dicing a potato or shredding a carrot, with vegetable cutters you can cut, chop, shred, dice, mince vegetables, fresh fruit, dried fruit and even grate dry bread, cheese or chocolate. Our vegetable cutters are made entirely of stainless steel, the most suitable material to be in contact with food.

There is also a tool that can speed up and facilitate the work of cutting mozzarella, the professional mozzarella cutter to cut the mozzarella in a few seconds. Visit our eshop to buy a mozzarella cutter at the lowest price of the web, you can finally shred or cut mozzarella in total semplicity and combining the respective discs you can get different thicknesses. All mozzarella cutters are easy to use and safe, are CE certified equipment and therefore robust and reliable. The mozzarella cutter and the electric vegetable cutter are compact machines and therefore easily placed inside the professional kitchen, the chopped vegetable and mozzarella will fall directly into the basin thus avoiding to get the worktop dirty and speeding up the dishes preparation.

Vegetable cutters: to cut vegetables, mozzarella and much more

The cutting of vegetables is a simple operation, but unfortunately also slow, there are the vegetable cutters to speed up the work in the kitchen. By using a professional vegetable cutter the cut will be more accurate and will have a better aesthetic yield. With the vegetable cutter you can prepare tasty side dishes, salads, julienne vegetables and filling pizzas, some combined models also serve as mozzarella cutters to work the mozzarella and also other cheeses. Ristosubito offers vegetable cutters made with top quality materials, equipped with CE mark and high quality standards. The vegetable cutter is an efficient machine for restaurants, fast foods, pizzerias and anyone who needs to chop large quantities of vegetables and mozzarella. The professional vegetable cutters can be used to cut all kinds of vegetables into slices, strips or cubes, but are used also to cut fruit, cheese, bread, chocolate or dried fruit thanks to the optional equipment of some kinds of discs and knives. All components used for their production are suitable for contact with food.