The professional bain-maries are catering equipment specialized in double-boiler cooking, a cooking method that uses the heat coming from the boiling water and other than for cooking is a great way to keep hot already cooked dishes. Bain-marie machines are suitable for restaurants that often need different types of cooking, on our online store you can find a wide range of bain-maries for sale at the best quality/price ratio that will satisfy every need. All of our bain-maries are highly professional, reliable, safe and also highly hygienic, they're simple to use and it's an equipment ideal in the kitchens of bars, restaurants and cafeterias with manual temperature adjustment by thermostat. Browse the online catalogue and discover professional bain-marie both in the gas version and in the electric version, or over-the-counter bain-marie or with cabinet and with one or two tanks.

Double-boiler cooking is an indirect cooking technique used to slowly cook and heat food, the process is very simple in fact you just need to store the food inside a container which is placed inside a larger container in which water is boiled, in this way the food nevers comes into direct contact with water but heats exclusively thanks to the heat coming from the container in which its placed. Double-boiler cooking is a technique that allows a greater control of cooking food especially for those requiring slow and non-aggressive cooking such as sauces, creams, puddings, chocolate fondues and mousse, all food sensitive to thermal shock. Thanks to our bain-maries you can heat and cook food, a real must have for restaurants and pastry shops, our machines are made of resistant stainless steel and are suitable for direct contact with food.

Traditional cooking methods keep the charm of the past and are used both in the family and in the catering industry, and speaking of ancient methods one of the most known to cook and keep hot food is the double-boiler cooking, the perfect answer to all those foods that require a slow and prolonged cooking, you get perfect recipes that include ingredients such as eggs, chicken meat, pork and red meat that require a temperature non exceeding 60°C, or also custar, eggnog and sauces for which is required a very slow cooking. The professional bain-marie system ensures perfect cooking to obtain tender mixed boiled meats, bain-maries are the ideal equipment for gastronomy, self-service, restaurants, pastry shops and canteens, usually placed near the kitchen for special cooking or to keep hot dishes ready.

Bain-marie for slow and delicate cooking

The bain-marie is an equipment used in the professional kitchens of restaurants, gastronomy, bars and self-service to realize the double-boiler cooking. The cooking method for cooking and heating food with "double-boiler" has an ancient origin, this type of cooking is suitable for foods that require slow and delicate cooking such as sauces, creams, puddings, but also for meat and fish. The use of the bain-marie kitchen is very simple, just store the food to be cooked in Gastronorm containers in the special stainless steel tank that contains boiling water. The bain-marie's tank is heated by means of some external heating elements, with temperature regulation through a thermostat. The double-boiler cooking will then be indirect thanks to the heat of the container in which the food is contained; the gradual release of heat by the hot water keeps the temperature under control. On available bain-maries on offer such as the forcar over-the-counter bain-marie. The advantages of using the over-the-counter bain-marie are many; in fact, double-boiler cooking if perfect for cooking food that need careful and slow cooking, not in direct contact with the flame and with greater control over food, it ensures optimal results even with the most delicate recipes, allowing food to to heat evenly and maintain all its properties. Discover our complete catalogue of professional bain-maries for sale on Ristosubito at the best quality/price ratio.