Our range of industrial kitchens varies in size and type of product. On sale gas or electric cookers, over-the-counter or with cabinet hobs. The restaurant kitchens are designed to be used in all catering activities such as bars, cafes or pizzerias, choose from the wide catalogue a professional kitchen to equip production laboratories belonging to the modern catering industry. Most industrial kitchen surfaces are made of stainless steel, a material highly resistant to wear and easy to clean and sanitize, this last feature is fundamental because in a professional kitchen cleaning and hygiene are very important and at the end of each service you will clean not only hobs, ovens and dishes, but also all surfaces used.

Professional kitchens for catering and hotel

On our online store we offer a wide range of equipment for professional cooking, from ovens to gas cookers discover all our proposals for restaurants, pastry shops, pizzerias and other food activities. Professional gas cooker able to guarantee a perfect cookinf of food and completely satisfy every need. Large kitchens are complete with ovens that can be electric or gas, static or convection. Cooking is very important as it makes food hygienically safe, by eliminating pathogenic microorganisms and toxic substances. In addition, through cooking we improve the organoleptic characteristics of food, helping to make them more appealing. Cooking food correctly is therefore a fundamental element for the success of a business and it's appropriate to choose only the best equipment.

Professional kitchen for large distribution

The professional kitchen is designed for every need, from small catering activities to food industries. The professional kitchens proposed by Ristosubito are made with high quality components that's why our restaurant kitchens guarantee great efficiency. To choose the right type of kitchen is good to know all the available alternatives, on our online store for sale the best professional kitchens, available: gas, electric and induction. Available kitchens for large restaurants but also small for domestic use or small/medium activities.

How is an industrial kitchen composed?

An industrial kitchen is complete with a cabinet or an electric or gas oven, static or convection. The restaurant kitchens with electric oven are the most requested for practicality and versatility in assembly, in fact they do not require further work and expenses for the gas connection. In the catalogue of Ristosubito.com you will find the best brands of industrial kitchen furniture made with high quality materials.