Professional wrapping dispenser for food packaging, our thermosealing machines are highly reliable and durable thanks to the stainless steel material they're made of. The food wrapping dispensers differ from each other for the size of the roller where the packaging film roll has to be inserted, and power. Thermosealing machines guarantee a high level of hygiene, they seal the products preserving them with a transparent film. Pack your food with the wrapping dispensers available on our online store, you can wrap the containers in a practical and fast way avoiding cellophane waste. Wrapping dispensers are the perfect food packaging machines for butchers, supermarkets, gastronomies, bars and restaurants, a thermosealing machines can be chosen between two models and that is:

  • Wrapping dispensers for food containers with heated surface to cut the film;
  • Wrapping dispenser for food with manual film unwinding and cutting.

Discover for sale online our range of industrial wrapping food dispensers ideal for butchers, delicatessen, gastronomies and supermarkets and all those contexts in which hygiene and safety standards must be very high, and in which it's needed not only cleanliness but also speed and precision for work.