Cutters are professional machines that serve to knead, emulsify, chop and shred quickly and conveniently by simply replacing the appropriate blades. The kitchen cutter consits of a sturdy stainless steel shell that allows high precision and a transparent lid to constantly control the processing, available in the small version of 3 or 4 liters or larger up to 9 liters of tank capacity. Cutters can grind not only meat and vegetables but also foods of considerable hardness such as nuts or almonds, different consistencies can be obtained depending on the speed and time of use set. The professional cutter is ideal for restaurants, pastry shops or butchers.

The cutter is indispensable in all professional kitchens, it chops, shreds, grates, blends, homogenizes and kneads foods, fruits and vegetables. Browse the online catalogue of professional cutters useful in the kitchen. The cutter finely cuts vegetables, meat and food without damaging the nutritional and organoleptic characteristics, replace the blade and decide the consistency. The professional cutters for sale on our online store are made with materials of excellent choice and are all equipped with CE mark that ensures high quality standards.