How to choose a professional deep fryer?

The professional fryer is used to fry large quantities of food in a short time while also managing to reduce consumption. A good industrial fryer must be able to obtain crispy and not greasy food, thanks to these machines you can get excellent results with minimal effort. Fryed food is loved by both young and adults. Obtaining a perfect frying is not always easy, that's why professional Beckers fryers become necessary. Do you run a bar or do you need a professional electrif fryer? The restaurant fryers keep the oil at a constant temperature, a fundamental aspect to obtain a crisp and light frying. Whether it's an industrial electric fryer or a restaurant fryer, before buying you should pay attention to some elements such as the thermostat, to always have under control the heat degree of the oil. Another element to look into is the heating speed, the faster the frying operations will be and the more oil will be saved. And let's not forget the cleaning operations, let's think about the fish fryers, a thorough cleaning will prevent that during subsequent frying some residues can affect the quality of the new frying. However, it can not always be easy to choose the right model according to your needs, how to choose a professional fryer? Just pay attention to some aspects during the first phase of purchase, i.e. during the choice.

The first aspects to consider are:

  • The type; the choice in this case depends on the intended use of the fryer. Generally speaking we can divide professional fryers into three macro categories: for professiona use ideal for restaurants and fast foods, for snacks or over the counter fryers ideal for bars and bakeries characterized by the fact that they do not fry by immersion but by flotation.
  • Burners/resistances and their positioning; can be placed inside the tank, in direct contact with the oil, or externally, by heating the walls of the tank.
  • Power: professional fryers can be gas or electric powered.
  • Temperature's control system; it's necessary to distinguish industrial fryers equipped with digital thermostats from those equipped with mechanical thermostats. Those with digital thermostat are more accurate.

Another important question is about capacity, how big should the fryer be? Obviously there is no valid answer in any case, but a lot depends on how many types of fried food we have to serve, how many people we have to serve and in how much time, one thing though is certain a deep fryer for restaurants must ensure crisp and light fried food. In case you need to prepare both fried fish and other fried food, it's better to opt for a 2-tank gas fryer, it's better if are separated to avoid a flavours contamination. A professional 2-tank gas fryer could solve several problems such as consumption, time and space management.

How big should a professional fryer be?

Capacity is the first requirement to be taken into account when purchasing, to evaluate the necessary capacity we must consider that on average for a good frying is necessary about a liter of oil per 100 grams of food, so an 8 lt fryer will fry up to 8 kg of potatoes at a time. For example, in case of a restaurant characterized by little flow of people and some peak hours it would be better to opt for a fryer with 2 tanks. Beyond the size of the appliance, what you need to carefully evaluate is the size of the frying basket: it can vary from 1 to 5 kg.

What are burners and resistances, and why are they important?

Electric fryers work through resistances while gas fryers work through burners, in both cases the oil placed inside a tank is heated and the temperature is ketp at a constant range. It's important to correctly assess the size, a small professional fryer could put us at different risks.

Electric or gas fryers: which are the best fryers?

The choice of the type of fryer depends on the kitchen and the context in which is inserted. What are the main differences between professional electric fryer and professional gas fryer?

Let's see them together:

  • Professional gas fryers do not need a great maintenance, are easy to use and clean. It's the favourite variant of families and chefs of small restaurants because it fries in a short time, while leaving the food crispy. Among the disadvantes we remind that it's quite bulky and expensive.
  • Professional electric fryers, if on one hand they take longer to heat the oil than a gas fryer and also the food is less crispy than those fried with a gas fryer, its cost is definitely more affordable and also the dimensions are smaller.

Purchasing the appropriate professional fryer for the needs of your business allows you to ensure, first of all, a high quality of frying as well as an improvement in working conditions. Another distinction concerns pastry fryers, this typer of professional fryers has a larger tank and it fries by flotation and not by immersion, this involves having to turn the product during cooking to avoid burning it.

Pastry fryers: how do they work

Pastry fryers differ from the others because they have a larger tank and because they fry by flotation. When you fry some desserts such as zeppole or doughnuts it's necessary to turn them during cooking to get a more uniform frying and for this reason very often pastry chefs prefer this kind of fryer, in this way they can work best on the type of product to offer to the customers.

Why buy a professional fryer on Ristosubito?

Discover our selection of professional Sirman fryers to quickly and evenly cook potatoes, vegetables, fish and battered food, available with one, two or more tanks. You can choose between a gas fryer or an electric fryer with tap to remove the frying oil and easily dispose of it, perfect for frying shops, restaurants, pizzerias, pubs, bars and food trucks, all models are designed for multiple types of gas methane or LPG. Discover all the convenience and functionality of our industrial fryers, browse the complete online catalogue and choose a professional Fimar fryer to meet any space requirement and safely fry chips, fish, panzerotti and much more. Very functional are also the electric over the counter Ristosubito fryers for bars, street food or businesses with little space available that therefore need fryers that are easy to move.

By purchasing from our online store you will benefit from an excellent quality/price ratio on the purchase of a professional fryer, among the ones with gas supply you can choose:

  • Gas fryers with burners placed outside the tank, known as fryers with clean tub, this model of fryer is easier to clean even if it requires more time to reach the necessary temperature for cooking thank models with internal burners.
  • Gas fryers with inernal burners, known as fryers with internal burners, this model of fryer quickly reaches the temperature needed for cooking, the burners placed under the basket inside the tank keep the temperature of the oil higher on the surface and colder in the lower part of the tank. Cleaning is slightly less easy than the previous model.

Another matter for electric professional fryers equipped with display for temperature control and adjustment of the ignition of burners and resistance. Our professional Amitek fryers are ideal to prepare in a few minutes chips, croquettes, cutlets, fish and battered vegetables, available with different tank capacity and can be easily used even by inexperienced personnel. If you're looking for a professional electric fryer we can definitely meet your demand, you will find on sale on our online store gas fryers and electric fryers for an excellent performance. The fryers availeble on our website are made of stainless steel and all equipped with CE certification, the baskets are removable and washable comfortably in the dishwasher ideal for hotels, restaurants and bakeries for frying meat, fish, vegetables and desserts. Frying is without a doubt the most tasty and greedy type of cooking loved by adults and children. Obtaining a perfect fry is not always easy, that's why electric fryers become necessary. Do you run a bar or do you need a professional fries fryer for home? Fryers keep the oil at a constant temperature, fundamental to obtain a crisp and light frying. Whether it is an industrial fryer or a smaller bar fryer, before buying you should pay attention to some elements such as the thermostat to always have under control the heat degree of the oil. Another element not to be underestimated is the speed of heating, in fact, the faster the operations of frying and the more you will be saving on oil. Let's not forget the cleaning operations, let's think especially about fish fryers, a thorough cleaning will prevent that during subsequent frying residues can affect the quality of the new frying.

Is it better a professional fryer with one tank or a professional fryer with two tanks?

If you serve fried fish and other frying in your restaurants, the choice of a gas fryer with 2 tanks is necessary. An oil contamination in terms of smells and flavours could end up damaging the success of the final product. A similar concept should also be addressed in the event that it's planned to serve people suffering from food intolerance, such as celiac, to which will be dedicated a tank or even a separate fryer.

How to empty the professional fryer?

To obtain an excellent frying  you first need a good fryer, but once used, however, the professional fryer must also be properly emptied and cleaned to avoid the accumulation of bacteria potentially harmful to health. Let's see how to clean the fryer without tampering with its operation. Proper cleaning includes some basic steps: first of all you have to disconnect the fryer from the socket and let it cool, and only after you can remove the residual oil. At this point we proceed by removing the basket and immersing it in a solution of water and degreaser to soften the dirt and all the various incrustations. After a few minutes we proceed to carefully remove all the dirt using a plastic brush, and finally rinse it. To degrease the fryer you can use natural detergents, such as a mixture of water and vinegar, capable of removing residual fat, or a mixture of water and baking soda, also very effective to ensure excellent cleansing.

How much does a professional fryer cost?

The prices of professional fryers are very variable, you can also find fryers from €100 + VAT, but they're small models with low frying capacity, up to a maximum of almost €3.800 + VAT. The cost of an industrial fryer depends on the model and the type. In addition to electric fryers on the market you can buy gas powered fryers, are also available models for both domestic and professional use. Are you looking for a good fryer on offer? By browsing our online site you can find fryers at super advantageous prices, all the fryers available on Ristosubito are ideal for preparing crispy fried food in a few minutes. When buying a fryer the cost depends on the quality of materials and characteristics, on our online store the price of each fryer fully reflects the quality of the product. Obviously by spending more money the purchased machine will have a greater capacity of frying or a more advanced technology. A double gas fryer or one with display and digital  controls costs more, the most expensive are the fryers with induction technology. If on one hand for an activity the purchase of a professional fryer represents a cost, sometimes even quite high, it's true that this cost is amortised over time. If we consider that about 75% of the cost of frying is represented by oil and electricity or gas used for operation, only the remaining 25% represents personnel and machine's costs. This means that, carefully choosing the most appropriate equipment to your needs allow you to quickly amortize the costs incurred for the purchase of the fryer into a profitable phase in a short time.

What are stand-alone electric fryers and stand-alone gas fryers?

The fryers are distinguished between counter (or cabinet) models and stand-alone models. Over-the-counter fryers have small dimensions and are ideal for all those places that make little use of them and that have peaks of work in some hours of the day. In both over-the-counter fryer and stand-alone fryer is used a smaller amount of oil and is optimized the cooking of fast snacks as chips, mozzarella, etc... The counter top models are distinguished into: electric fryers on cabinet and gas fryers on cabinet, what's the difference? The counter top electric fryer is ideal for activities such as restaurants and frying shops where are prepared fried fish, vegetables or chips. This model is absolutely not recommended as fryers for professional pastry shops. An over-the-counter electric fryer quickly heats the oil and can be installed by law even without a flue and hood. Over-the-counter gas fryers are used in restaurants, their advantage is being able to fry food in a few minutes consuming less than the electric ones.

How much do professional electric fryers consume?

The consumption of a professional electric fryer varies depending on the power and technology offered by the machine. Generally speaking, the higher the capacity of the fryer, the higher the energy consumption. The powers of fryers range from 900 Watt, for small fryers, to 3200 Watt, for the bigger ones, even with double basket. There are machines, however, that despite having higher powers, have a particular technology that allows you to optimize energy consumption, such as induction fryers.

Professional fryers: Accessories and advanced functions

Other factors that can affect the choice of a professional fryer are those related to additional accessories and functions, which can simplify the use and improve the final outcome. Such as the different user programs, the melting function or cleaning tank, the function of automatic basket lifting or the integrated filtering system. Fryers can be controlled by digital thermostats or mechanical thermostats, the machines equipped with digital thermostats are more sensitive and therefore more precise, thus ensuring a better quality of frying. Most devices on the market come with a convenient lid, which does not change the process of use, but on the contrary it makes it better and safer. The lid helps keeping the oil temperature at a constant range and thus the frying will be more fragrant. In addition, by having a lid, the fryer is safe to use because it avoids the leaking of boiling oil. All these functions offer to the final customer a high quality product and allow to eliminate the risks such as fried food not easy to digest or an unpleasant taste.