Refrigerated meat grinders are used to grind meat in butcher shops and supermarkets to limit the proliferation of microorganism through the process of refrigerating minced meat. The refrigerated meat grinder is ideal for keeping freshly ground meat at a constant temperature, are made of sturdy stainless steel, a material that guarantees compliance with the basic hygiene rules. The presence inside the meat grinders of a cooling system makes it possibile to keep under control the heating of the blades during cutting, keeping the meat fresh and qualitatively unchanged. Functional, practical and robust refrigerated meat grinders, all stainless steel elements directly in contact with the meat are easily removable for cleaning and just as quickly reassembled in total safety. Refrigeration allows the processing of meat without altering their organoleptic qualities during the various steps of shredding. All refrigerated meat grinders are certified machines in compliance with current CE regulations on hygiene and safety.