The seasoning cabinets also known as refrigerators for maturing meat are indispensable tools for the seasoning of cured meat, the aging of cheeses and precisely the maturing of meat that is a process of aging the meat after the slaughter, aimed at making it softer and more pleasant on the palate. The seasoning cabinets for cured meat allow to control step by step all the maturing phases by setting the temperature, humidity and ventilation values depending on different product requirements, can be equipped with a glass door or a stainless steel one. The seasoning cabinet gives the meat a unique taste further softening the cut to very long holding times, a controlled temperature between 0° and 30°C and humidity around 90%, resulting in a soft and juicy final product.

The cured meat seasoning cabinet is ideal for those who own an activity in the catering field and butcher shops specialized in meat processing, are special refrigerators that allow a controlled maturation and create the perfect conditions of the former cellars. Each seasoning cabinet for cured meat is equipped with bars and supports to hang the products inside and easy to use controls, allow the products to mature naturally, without the addition of additives and preservatives. The seasoning cabinet gives the meat an adequate maturation during a period of rest and aging in which the natural chemical-physical processes of the food are exploited by controlling parameters such as temperature, humidity and room ventilation. Models of professional seasoning cabinets differ in size, capacity and material, in our online catalogue a wide selection of high quality professional products at a highly competitive price.

How does the seasonig cabinet work?

The seasoning cabinet allows the control and management of humidity, temperature and ventilation parameters ensuring ideal maturing and aging conditions according to the different products needs. The seasoning cabinets are particularly suitable for small/medium producers of artisanal products such as sausages or cheeses. The preparation of a sausage takes place following a procedure consisting of three main stages: the choice of meat, salting and seasoning. The maturing phase is a very important phase in order to obtain from a simple cut of meat a sausage complete with unique and inimitable organoleptic characteristics. The maturing process is divided into three main stages: stewing, drying and ageing, but the real seasoning is the one that begins in the third phase, that is the ageing. Generally takes place in an environment with controlled humidity like a seasoning cabinet for cured meats. The costs for the purchase of a cabinet for cured meats are quite high but are offset by consumption savings.