In our online catalogue you will find a wide range of cold and freezer rooms to storage food to sell or to work, available cold rooms at a normal positive temperature (-2°C a +10°C) ideal for meat, cold cuts, cheeses, fruits, vegetables and for pastry products, and cold rooms at low temperature (-15°C a -25°C) ideal for storing fish, meat, frozen foods, sorbets and other ice cream products. Industrial cold rooms are designed to be built with a modular system, to allow the disassembly, extension or reduction, or its relocation elsewhere. The panels of the cold rooms do not absorb the odors generated by the processes and do not deteriorate over time, they also avoid the nesting of parasites and the development of any fungi and moulds. The cold rooms for sale on our online store are designed to meet any type of storage need in full compliance with the most restrictive hygiene and health regulations.

The professional cold rooms are composed of modular panels of variable width and the insulation is achieved by injection of rigid polyurethane foam. The locking of the panels takes place through the use of eccentric hooks. The internal ed external coating of the walls can be in non-toxic white painted metal sheet or stainless steel, while the floor is made of non-slip stainless steel. The cold rooms can be with positive temperature (0° C / +5° C) and negative temperature (-20° C / -15° C), particularly suitable for the preservation of a wide range of food products, such as fruits, vegetables, meat, cold cuts, dairy products and more. Refrigeration is a very important operation because it allows food to be kept at a temperature that delays decay and prevents the proliferation of bacteria, for these reasons it should not be neglected.